MMM Nigeria Reveals New Master Plan for Participants in 2017 


MMM Nigeria logoAs MMM participants in Nigeria patiently await the January 14 deadline for the unfreezing of the program, a new strategy to improve the ponzi scheme has been revealed.

According to MMM administration, a new plan is in place to stabilise the programme whether or not more people join.

The new strategy is expected to be announced and implemented soon.

Statement from admin below;

“To keep the GH and PH balanced. No matter whether people join us or not.. and it will be sustainable.

“When it will be implemented we will be notified. We can PH and we should keep our downlines updated.

The statement further stated that:

“About the growth of Bonuses…

we have to see towards it… half of guiders supporters said it should keep growing. Guiders misbehaving will be dealt with. And the only way to get them is by getting evidence.

Unfreezing of Mavro will be probably 14th of January or might be sooner.

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